Renewable Energy

Nowadays the entire world is considering energy sources as the whole world is facing an issue regarding energy. Most of the people as well as organizations considering renewable energy sources rather than nonrenewable sources because of the issues with fuel prices, etc. At present renewable energy sources are using very little than other sources. Renewable energy sources are natural sources that can generate energy repeatedly. Through renewable sources energy can be generated many times, it should not discard after using once. Renewable energy cannot be generated according to the need, as they are generating with natural sources, natural factors are effecting to the energy generation.

There are various types of renewable energy sources around the world such as solar, wind power, biomass, hydropower and geothermal. There are different ways to generate and store energy with each source.

Solar is the energy generated with the rays of the sun, where there are several ways to gather and use energy. Solar power is used as a heat energy source as a substitute for electricity to heat water using at home, swimming pools, etc. and heat the house and other premises. On the other hand, Solar Power is converted to electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) cells are used to gather sunlight and generate electricity. Small PV cells are used to operate small electronic devices and larger PV cell panels generating electricity for general uses.

Wind power is one of the significant sources of renewable power from early ages to today. It is used to push sails, pump water, power the windmills and to generate electricity for other purposes. Through fans, wind power is collecting and generating power.

Biomass is one of the major renewable sources of power where the organic materials are used to generate power. Biomass is using organic materials such as garbage, wood, crops, alcohol fuels and landfill gas. Biomass is converted into several forms of energy such as heat, biogas, and biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel). Biomass energy is used for various purposes as it has several forms of energy.

Hydropower is the energy generated with the force of water, which is the first source to generate electricity. This is the most common and oldest way of generating electricity. Based on rivers and waterfalls hydropower plants are constructed, but when the force of water reducing power generation also reducing. Even though this is the most common way of generating power, nowadays the use of hydropower is gradually decreasing.

Geothermal energy is generated with the heat of the earth. This is also one of the consistent sources of renewable power as the heat is generating continuously inside the earth. Drilling wells into the earth and pumping heat to the surface and generate power. These plants are located near rocks and water because deeper underground has a higher temperature.

When it comes to the reliability of renewable power sources, it varies from one source to another. The wind is environmentally reliable because it does not harm the environment but it is not a consistent and efficient source to depend to generate energy. Solar power is not reliable environmentally or physically because power generation through solar power has negative impacts on the environment and it is not consistent to depend. Even though biomass is effective it has bad impacts on the environment when burning the biomass. In small scale biomass is a reliable source of energy. Hydropower is one of the reliable sources that can fulfill the demand consistently and it is efficient than other sources. Small hydropower plants do not harm the environment. Geothermal is also environmentally as well as physically reliable as it is environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels and can fulfill the electricity demand consistently. Also, it is better to rely on all kinds of sources rather than depending on one source.

Depending on renewable energy sources are better than relying on other fossil fuels because renewable sources are more environmentally friendly. These sources pollute the environment very little or there is no pollution. Depending on renewable sources help to have a cleaner and healthier environment. So it will be beneficial to reduce the negative impacts of the environment.

The major benefit of renewable sources is they are not limited as nonrenewable sources. Nonrenewable sources such as coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear take a long time to regenerate. But renewable sources are not limited and it does not take a long time to regenerate. So, renewable energy sources are reliable and effective than nonrenewable energy sources.

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