Battery Storage Technology

The energy storage technology has grown greater than most of the people expected. This helps with energy consumptions by capturing the energy produced and save it for later. It somehow works like a generator, considering that you’ll need an accumulator or a battery to store the energy.

The main thing that not everybody knows is that energy comes in such different forms, such as radiation, chemical, gravitation potential, electrical potential, electricity and so on.

What is the best energy storage technology?

There are many energy storage technologies invented and adapted to people’s needs. Somehow, claiming that only one is the best, it’s not an option. But considering many factors, it seems like Tesla Powerwall/Powerpack may be favored.

This technology works on lithium-ion rechargeable battery platforms. It can be easily integrated within your home, looking like a dishwasher or something similar, but more massive.

However, it can be used in any way so you’ll make your house efficient and safe as possible.

  • peak shaving
  • demand response
  • voltage control
  • backup power reserve.

What is battery storage technology?

Those new innovative things help storing the electricity in a pure chemical form that has no harm to people around – it is well secured. Battery storage can be huge and hard to move from one place to another. However, the most giant battery storage technology is placed outside, ‘ stealing ‘ the sun’s radiations.

Also, those can be re-charged and re-used however you want and work smoothly for your home appliances.

This battery technology may indeed help our energy problems one day, but it’s somehow hard to educate people being loyal users to this.

How do battery storage technology works?

If a concrete answer is needed, you have to delimit the battery storage in two main technologies:

  • based on solar radiations – when placed outside, the battery storage captures the sun excess and transforms into energy. It is called gold light, and you can see it from the way it lights up your house. During wintertime, the battery works on the snow light, which is brighter- your house is to lighten up by a white light.
  • based on lithium-ion – a lithium-ion battery includes an anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte, and two current collectors. Many cars’ companies are already using this type of technology. If you want to know how it works based on chemistry, check out

How efficient is the battery storage technology?

The battery storage technology is much more efficient than other power sources, given to some factors:

  • The energy storage capacity is impressive
  • batteries are lasting a long time for one recharge.
  • battery storage technology is ready to deliver on short notice- no need for a warm-up
  • and it keeps the environment cool and clean.

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