The project is to be located approximately 30 kms north of the town of Port Augusta on a vast pastoral station.

The Aurora Project located near Port Augusta is a 150 megawatt solar thermal power station incorporating 8 hours of storage (1100 megawatts-hours). Under normal operating conditions the plant will have a capacity of about 135 megawatts, with the ability to increase that output in favourable conditions, such as in the evening. Aurora will deliver over 500 gigawatt-hours of energy annually – providing fully dispatchable baseload electricity to the network when electricity is needed most. Storage will enable the solar thermal station to operate just like a conventional coal or gas power station, reliably generating electricity day and night – except without any emissions. The project is to be located approximately 30kms north of the town on a vast pastoral station.

Project Overview

  • Location: Approximately 30 kms north of Port Augusta, South Australia
  • Technology: Solar Thermal with Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage
  • Size: 150 MW facility output
  • Storage: 8 hours of full load storage, enabling on-demand energy production day and night
  • Electricity Production: More than 500 gigawatt-hours annually, which is around 5% of South Australia’s energy needs
  • Homes Powered: Equivalent of over 90,000 homes, day and night
  • Dry Cooling: Significantly reduces the use of water, saving millions of litres of water each year
  • Project Status:  Generation Project Agreement (GPA) with the State Government of South Australia signed August 14, 2017

Economy Benefits

  • Heliostats will be assembled in South Australia
  • SolarReserve has its permanent Australian headquarters located at 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
  • Aurora, an innovative project will create opportunities for South Australian businesses to participate in the project
  • SolarReserve will partner with local universities to further solar thermal research and education in South Australia